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HyperCube of Love Digital Book

By integrating Simple Mathematics - Geometry and the Bible, HyperCube of Love products show how Geometry and the Bible can express God’s Love for mankind though Jesus Christ.

Are you curious about the 3-Dimension Space and the 4-Dimension Space as they relate to the Bible and the understanding of God's word?

HyperCube of Love product line is bold, wide ranging, provocative and very engaging.. You will not want to put it down!

After reading this Book, if it has answered some of your questions, you will be able to add and enter an important new DIMENSION in your life.

This Book will definitively challenge and inspire You!

Book Cover

The Book contains the following MULTI-TOUCH MULTIMEDIA for you to enjoy:

  • 151 Pages
  • 56 page Glossary with Index
  • 56 Graphic Illustrations
    (Tap some Illustrations for full page display)
  • 12 Image Galleries
  • 7 Videos
  • 3 Animations in 3D Format
  • 24 Review Quiz Questions

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Abridged Book Cover

This Abridged Book in PDF format is an abridged version of the Book. It contains 114 pages without a glossary.

It contains 40 illustrations, but NO MULTIMEDIA such as Videos, Image Galleries, 3D Animations, Slideshows and Review Quizzes.