Unfolding a 4D-Cube and a 3D Cube

HyperCube Unfolding

Graph of a Tesseract in the 3D Space


A 3D Projection of Tesseract
performing a double rotation

Moving Tesseract

For more information watch the 8-Minute YouTube Video: HyperCube of Love Overview in the Promo page.

What is the Fourth Dimension?
What is the HyperCube?

In the field of Mathematics in Euclidean Geometry, hypercubes are cubes in a Space of more than three dimensions. In a four dimensional Space the hypercube has a special name. It is called a Tesseract.

The Fourth Dimension or 4D is not time, but space; not outer space, but another spatial direction which extends in a direction perpendicular to all directions we are used to know in our Three Dimension or 3D Space or Universe.

The “HyperCube of Love Puzzle” is made of eight Cubes to simulate that unfolding. The eight Cubes are a cubic honeycomb that has 4 cubes around every edge, and 8 cubes around each vertex.

1D to 4D animation

Illustration of Dimensions 1 to 4

The HyperCube of Love Book reviews in great detail the 4-Dimension Space in the Bible, the Love of Christ and the HyperCube of Love. It can be purchased in the Store.