Vision - Mission

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Our VISION is to see the products of the “HyperCube of Love EcoSystem” including the 3D Puzzles, the Digital Books, the Game App, the tesserART Sculptures & Jewelry and other products being made widely available to provide people with the knowledge of the Love of Christ.

Our MISSION is to participate in equipping the whole person by providing for some of their Spiritual and Mind needs.

Our OBJECTIVES are to offer the greatest possible value through a selection of quality products from the “HyperCube of Love EcoSystem” with excellent customer service and to create an environment that allows employees and collaborators to feel a part of our Vision & Mission.

Our COMMITMENT is to donate a portion of the after-tax profits to provide financial resources to qualified Evangelization Efforts, Business Incubators and Start-ups.

The sales of the "HyperCube of Love Puzzle" will provide us the necessary financing to create, develop
and manufacture more Puzzles at a lower price point to reach more people.


"The HyperCube of Love Team”

Help us to reach the world and help others.